Mehlee Pfau has been heavily involved in extra-curriculars throughout her four years at Hamilton High School. Pfau has been in women’s chorale, National Honors Society, and on the girls tennis team all while being on the HHS Honor Roll consistently. Despite all of her involvement and accolades, it has taken a lot of work to overcome some of the adolescent struggles she has experienced. Mehlee was officially diagnosed in 2022 during her sophomore year of high school, though her parents noticed tics as early as 3rd grade. The tics made school difficult for her socially and academically. While it was a lot to go through, she learned how to handle it all with a smile, a positive mindset, and with the assistance from her friends and staff members at Hamilton.

"I’ve learned that instead of letting Tourette Syndrome define me, I started defining it for others and teaching others about it. I’m always happy to be a shoulder for others and help build strength and a community for others who have it. Overcoming it is something that is very meaningful to me.”

While announcing the award, Hamilton High School principal Mitch Bosch says Pfau has been “confident, optimistic, and courageous approach at every obstacle.” The award is selected by staff members at HHS. Bosch says they made an outstanding decision.

"Every adult that was asked about this person said they are kind, compassionate, and always willing to help others in need. She has gone through so much adversity but does it with positivity and selflessness,” Bosch added at Senior Awards Night on Tuesday, May 21.

After her recent graduation, Pfau says her hope is to become a dog groomer as she gets set to enroll at a trade school in Lansing.

“I really hope that in the future, people are kind and loving to one another, no matter what they’re going through,” Pfau smiled. “Even through my battle with Tourette’s, I’ve had to look at the positive side, this is me and I hope people can find that inner part about themselves and be a bright light for those around them and for Hamilton.”