January 9 was Law Enforcement Appreciation Day and while we celebrate our amazing School Resource Officer, Deputy Joe Knapp often, our Hawkeye Kids Before & After School Childcare students wanted to make sure he felt appreciated!

Hamilton Elementary site supervisor Laura Bruursema told the students to write a letter to a local police officer. To nobody's surprise, most of the students wanted to write their letter specifically to Deputy Knapp.

"The students were very, very excited to write a letter to Deputy Knapp," Bruursema smiled. "Many people in our community know Deputy Knapp and his roles in our district, but it's incredible to know that these children, all the way down to young fives, are so happy to have Deputy Knapp around."

Knapp, who was invited to the Hawkeye Kids classroom but didn't know why, was extremely surprised by the letters and began reading them one-by-one.

"Thank you for keeping our Hamilton Schools safe, also thank you for my birthday card that you gave me on my birthday. It makes me happy when you visit our school. Happy Law Enforcement Day," Knapp read.

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