Since March 2007, Sharon Inman has been a paraprofessional in Hamilton Community Schools. Her compassion and fun spirit makes her a favorite among her students in the Hamilton High School MERIT program with Ms. Westra and Mr. Stielstra. Another big reason why the students adore her is her love for art and crafts!

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Inman's students take part in 'Art with Inman'. Recently, the class was called upon to play a nice roll in sprucing up the student services area at HHS.

"The kids love to do art, they love perler beads which seems to be the favorite among them," she smiled. "There was a call of desperation from Ms. Tina down here in student services who said, "I have nothing on my tree! Can you all decorate it?" And we said sure!"

From there, Ms. Inman showed her class some examples of what they could make and the students went right to work. Some creating santas, others making stockings, stars, angels, and so much more. Almost immediately, Ms. Tina's Christmas tree had an outstanding face lift!

"The students did such a phenomenal job, I'm so proud of each and every one of them," Inman added.