Joelle Boeskool still remembers her kindergarten days at Hamilton Elementary with her teacher, Jana Zweering. Fast forward 12 years later and she's back in Mrs. Z's class thanks to her HHS teaching practices class learning from her once again.

"Joelle was in both my kindergarten class and young fives class many many years ago and now I have a chance to work with her again this year and she has been incredibly, incredibly helpful," Zweering smiled. "We have a very busy crew of kindergartners and she comes every day ready to jump in and help and the kids adore her."

For the last two-plus hours every day, Joelle comes to Hamilton Elementary to learn and help with the young Hawkeyes... and she is enjoying every minute of it.

"I enjoy being with the kids every day and building upon the great relationships that I already have with them. Mrs. Z has taught me a lot like handling behavioral issues, building relationships, and getting the kids attention." 

For Boeskool, she knows education is in her future and the Hamilton Community Schools teaching practices course was a way to get hands-on experience ahead of college.

"It's great that Hamilton offers something like because it's a great way to get experience and get ahead of the game and let me know that this is something I want to do in my future," Boeskool added. "This opportunity has given the confidence that I can do this and this is something that I can fit into."

It's a win-win for Mrs. Z, who says Joelle's presence has meant the world to her and her students during a busy start to the year.

"We would be lost without her, we're super thankful the two hours that we get to have her here with us," Zweering smiled.