The Hamilton High School Class of 2024 was surprised on Monday morning with letters that they had written to themselves years ago. One by one, HHS teacher Katie Jarvis called up seniors to receive their letters that were kept by middle school teacher Katie Lillmars and high school teacher Tyler Robinson.

As the students opened up their envelopes or packet, there were a lot of smiles, laughs, and some serious moments. For many, it was something they had completely forgotten about.

"This is the letter I wrote freshman year and it's really funny, I said 'I know college is expensive so I put twenty dollars in this envelope for you to spend as you wish, *cough* *cough* college,'" laughed senior Jessica Medendorp holding a $20 bill.

For fellow senior Remington Foster, one of his laughs came when he read what video games were popular when he was in sixth grade, with a mention of Fortnite season 4 in his letter.

Others mentioned their favorite teachers, wrote about the crazy times of COVID, their friends, and much more.

"I put a list of my friends down from sixth grade and some of them are still my friends today, so I thought that was pretty cool," said senior Michael Olsen. "My friend Seth, one of my best friends now, apparently I was friends with him in sixth grade and I don't remember being super close with him, that's pretty cool."