Business Development is a year-long Career and Technical Education (CTE)
elective offered to all students. As a CTE class, there are many benefits that
come along with taking this course: exposure to multiple business career
pathways; 4th year math credit; a Visual, Performing, and Applied Arts (VPAA) credit; a Work Based Learning credit; an Entrepreneurship Certification; Davenport University articulate college credit (12 credit hours); and now direct college credit from Muskegon Community College (MCC).

What sets Business Development apart from other college opportunities is that as an Adjunct Professor of Business through MCC, I am able to grant college credit for two courses at no cost to your student. There is no exit exam that is needed, and any student that takes my course will have the opportunity to receive credit for the following MCC courses:
BUS - 121 Intro to Business (3 credit hours)
BUS - 131 Intro to Entrepreneurship (1 credit hour)

These two classes will transfer to any future institution that accepts MCC
courses. They can also replace needed business courses, or fill elective
requirements at another university.

Your student can take advantage of all these benefits, at no cost to you. Please consider having your student sign up for Business Development as an elective course. It does not compete with the Tech Center, Co-op, or Dual Enrollment. Students are encouraged to take advantage of all these opportunities. Take a look at the video below to learn more!