On Wednesday, October 12, Ms. Ayres and Mrs. Goorhouse's Spanish classes took a field trip to Taqueria Azteca in Holland. The authentic Mexican restaurant and store hosted the students to give them an opportunity to test their skills.

"We have been working on ordering food in Spanish and grocery shopping, so the kids are here using their skills," said Spanish teacher, Mary Ayres. "They're able to come here and observe things that are similar or different from what we shop for or eat here in the United States."

The students were given a Spanish scavenger hunt to locate items in the store and were also able to eat and shop.

"We are super thankful the family has let us come here for almost ten years, it's a family-owned busy and they're so welcoming. They kind of let us take over their space for a day so we're so grateful, muchas gracias," Ayres added.

Thank you to Taqueria Azteca for hosting our students and giving them an opportunity to gain this real-world experience!