Since 1989, Bill Mousel has been a teaching staple inside the Hamilton Community School district. On Tuesday, Mousel was awarded the first-ever One School at a Time program grant from WOODTV, Spartan Nash, and Family Fare.

The grants are awarded based on the creativity, community impact, school impact, and execution of the school's grant proposal. In the month of June, Hamilton Middle School's application scored the highest in the four categories thanks to Mousel's vision.

"It isn't so much what it means for me, it's what it means for the kids and the opportunity for them," said Mousel, 7th grade math teacher at HMS.

Mousel, who also teaches the 'Strong Start' program at HMS every morning to get kids up and moving, says the money will go towards bettering the physical education program.

"I'm just happy that we can offer kids some more variety and some more equipment that is high quality and can replace some stuff that is obviously worn out," he added.

The check presentation was live on WOODTV's noon broadcast on Tuesday and also aired during WOODTV News at 5:30 PM!

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Thank you to Family Fare, Spartan Nash, and WOODTV for making this possible.