Hamilton High School's Integrated World History & Literature has over 60 students in the class over two class periods. The class, taught by History teacher Brant Haverdink and English teacher Kevin Everly, focuses on several different lessons throughout the centuries.

One specific recent lesson looking at global poverty as a result of the industrial revolution is a bit more hands-on for students.

"The question that we want kids to deal with is, 'What should our response as individuals and as a society be in terms of responding to world poverty?" Said Everly.

For the fourth year of the lesson, Everly and Haverdink chose A-graded aid organizations Oxfam and UNICEF to donate funds to help those in need. Students were then given a choice to donate or not, but every dollar raised was going to be matched by Mr. Everly himself.

"They raised 465 dollars," Everly chuckled. "When we've done this in other years, it has been less than 100 dollars, I had to explain this all to my wife but she was so proud of the kids."

The lesson went a long way in bettering the students' understanding of world poverty but also gave them a chance to experience charitable giving and generosity.

"I donated 100 dollars because Mr. Everly said he was going to match it," said HHS junior, Izzy Troost. "It takes 200 dollars to help save one child from hunger, so I figured if I can save one child, it'll be worth it. I have the ability to better and change a life for at least one person," she added.