Shawna Cozzello

Get to know Hamilton Middle School secretary, Shawna Cozzello

Shawna Cozzello was hired in June 2024 as the new Hamilton Middle School secretary and will serve our families alongside Kris Henrickson and the rest of the outstanding team at HMS! Get to know her with this Q&A below!

Tell us about your family!

"My husband and I have been married for 21 years, we have a daughter who is 18, a son who is 17, and another son who is 10. We moved to Michigan from Indiana in 2022, it's been a crazy route for us to get to Hamilton. My husband accepted a position at Cultivate Church in November, which moved us to the Hamilton area this summer."

What are your initial Impressions of Hamilton?

"Since being here and being a part of the community, we have felt such an embrace of community and what it means. We have felt accepted from the very beginning. One thing that really stood out to me right away was going to the website and seeing 'Hamilton Community Schools' and how it's a community. It's a family-oriented place and it feels like one big family."

What is your background and experience in education?

"I worked in education as a paraprofessional previously in both Indiana and Michigan at the elementary level. Working in a middle school is going to be a bit different from what I'm used to but I'm ready for that and excited for that challenge."

How are you feeling so far about your new role?

"I'm so excited to become a part of this community and have our boys become a part of this community and Hamilton Community Schools. I am excited to work alongside of Kris [Henrickson] and build relationships with students and families. One thing that has really brought an excitement to me is having the opportunity to come in and meet the staff, they have been so welcoming and so kind. Even when I see them out around the town, getting a smile and them remembering who I am means a lot."

What is your goal for your students and families in your role?

"I have a huge heart and passion for students and families. As soon as they walk in here, my hope is that they know that they are loved, accepted, and valued."