In 1988, Jane Schutter was looking for a job that fit around her children's schedules. After a discussion with Bentheim Elementary secretary Cindy Schipper, she realized she needed to apply to help out at the school.

Schutter began helping on the playground and quickly began accruing more and more responsibility. Soon enough, she was assisting with MTSS (multi-tiered system of supports) with reading, writing, and math groups.

"Immediately when I started here, I could feel the community and family values," Schutter said. "It's just a great school system, I have really liked it."

Fast forward 36 years, and Schutter is set to retire and step away at the end of the school year.

"I'm really looking forward to spending time traveling, doing things with our family, and I can't wait to sit and read without thinking I should do something else," she added. "However, I will definitely miss the staff, especially our MTSS group."

One of Mrs. Schutter's students, 3rd grader Emily was saddened by the news of her retirement.

"Mrs. Schutter is always kind and helpful, and always helps you when you struggle," said 3rd grader Emily, "She is always there for kids and has put a lot of effort and heart into her job, and I really appreciate that."

Thank you for all of your dedication, Mrs. Schutter! We will miss you!