Mr. Jared Randall is getting ready to begin his 16th year with Hamilton Community Schools in 2022-23. After 12 years as a high school math teacher and the past three years as principal at Sandyview Elementary, Mr. Randall will now be the principal at Bentheim Elementary.

Randall's Biography & Message

I am beyond excited to be the next principal at Bentheim Elementary! Bentheim is a special school and has amazing students, staff, and parents. My vision for Bentheim is to build a school culture where each student and staff member thrives. I plan to build a culture where each staff member looks forward to coming to work everyday because they know they will be supported, trusted, listened to, and consistently reminded that they're making an impact on our little Hawkeyes.

In addition, I will ensure that each staff member and student knows they will be treated like a human 1st and an educator or student 2nd. If we accomplish our previous two goals, the parents of Bentheim will be able to send their children to school knowing their child's social, emotional, and academic needs will be met. 

I started my educational career 16 years ago as a high school math teacher here in Hamilton. I spent 12 years at the high school and this is my 4th year as an elementary administrator. I am blessed to be a part of a family of 5. My wife's name is Chelsea and I have 3 beautiful children named Navy, Anderson, and Clementine.

I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, talking about education and leadership, and watching sports (mainly MSU and Lions). My "why" in life is to meet the needs of others, so they can maximize their potential. I look forward to getting to know our Bentheim family, and each person's needs, so we can maximize our potential!

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Jared M. Randall

Bentheim Elementary Principal

Mr. Jared Randall