Watch the full 'Jumanji Math' video with Mr. Mousel by clicking here.

In the first week of school, it's all about engaging students with unique learning opportunities. Nobody is doing that better than Mr. Bill Mousel and Mrs. Jackie Malloch in the Hamilton Middle School.

On Thursday and Friday, Mr. Mousel brought back his 'Jumanji Math' experience for his students which features things you don't see every day in a classroom.

"This is a very early lesson that will give students a math opportunity that is very different from what they've had," said middle school math teacher Bill Mousel. "It's going to have riddles and puzzles to solve and their challenge is to escape the Jumanji game."

The game features lock boxes, rolling dice, numbers, and a foggy classroom.

"We just want them really energized to do some math and set them up for later in the year," Mousel added, "we're just hoping to spark their interest."

Teams of three have to get done with their riddles before other teams to escape the game.

"The takeaway is this will be a math class that will be a lot of fun. They're going to like math this year, even if they haven't in the past but they'll now be wondering what's coming next," Mousel smiled.