For years, Michele Dykstra was a W.I.S.H. volunteer at Blue Star Elementary, where her children attended school. However, she soon grew that love for the school and all students into her job.

Dykstra applied for a food service position and was hired in 2017, where she has been smiling and loving her job ever since.

"I have volunteered with Hamilton for over 13 years, when this position came open I thought boy I'm going to try for that and I was hired in, I just absolutely love it," she smiled.

While there is a rush to get lunch prepared for the students on time, she says it's all worth it when they come in smiling and ready to eat.

"It doesn't feel like work, I really just have fun wherever I'm at and I'd pick Hamilton all over again," she added. "Lunch time is a break for students, so they can talk and be a little silly and be themselves. We lunch ladies get to see the children as themselves and we love that interaction."