Kris Henrickson and Kelli Klingenberg continue to make an impact on their alma mater. The two proud Hamilton High School graduates have become an outstanding duo together in the Hamilton Middle School office.

In fact, every morning, Henrickson and Klingenberg handle the announcements for the building which are done via video and sent to all classrooms in the building. The videos aren't your common announcements, however, as they typically feature witty jokes, outfits, and more.

"We do these so that the students can know who we are but also pay attention to the announcements," said Henrickson.

Both Henrickson and Klingenberg say they've been working their dream jobs and it's all centered around one purpose: the kids.

"I love coming to school every day. I haven't worked in 22 years, I've come to school for 22 years. It's my dream job and I'm just so happy to be here," Henrickson smiled.

Klingenberg was first hired as the secretary at Blue Star Elementary before making the jump to the middle school.

"The community and staff are amazing. I've even worked with some teachers that I used to have in class, so it's really come full circle. I started off in the elementary, then they come up through the middle school and go on to graduate, it's just amazing," Klingenberg said.