Mrs. Reilly's first graders at Blue Star Elementary have been working hard to start the school year! Particularly, the students are working on their reading skills including how to sound out words, how to solve problems when big words arise, and learning what the words mean.

The exciting part for the students is as they've learned their new skills, they've gotten closer to obtaining a major goal: earning their Word Detective Badges from a Top Secret Agency!

After a reading lesson on Monday, November 20, Mrs. Reilly pulled out a package that had a 'Top Secret' label on it. The students sat in admiration as they awaited their next message from the agency. This time, it was the real thing! Mrs. Reilly read the message aloud stating that the class had been approved for their badges by the agency's president!

"Delivery from the Super Secret Detective Agency special delivery for Reilly's Reef, see approval status below. Word detective status is approved!" Reilly read aloud to her class.

"Our kids earned their badges so they are so excited to put their detective skills into practice. They have been learning different reading strategies such as smoothing out their words, looking at word endings, finding words in their book so they can turn them into snap words so they're easier to read," Reilly added.

Take a look at this awesome moment!