In their return from break, Miss Renkema's fourth grade class at Hamilton Elementary had a blast engaging in different books.

Miss Renkema created 'Starbooks Cafe' which allowed the students to choose a book and beverage. From there, the students would read a few pages and then fill out information about if they were or weren't intrigued by the book and why. Every five minutes, the students would switch books and continue to write down information about each. Eventually, the students will choose a book for their upcoming book club.

"We are doing a book tasting today because our next two units reading and writing revolve around the kids being able to interact with text and create some big ideas based on that. We want them to have a lot of choice in which books they're reading, so this is a way that they can try different books to see what they like and what's interesting to them," Renkema explained.

Take a look at the video below!