Mr. Dan Meiste's Business Development class at Hamilton High School continues to bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace. On Tuesday, April 23, the students finished a demanding 17 day project by presenting to over a dozen business professionals from Bradford Company in Holland.

During a recent previous visit to Bradford, students learned about the company, toured the facility, and even had a chance to interview employees on their driving questions they had to solve. Since that visit, students have been working hard in groups preparing presentations and ideas to help solve those questions, including: how to best market manufacturing jobs, how to bridge the gap for new employees in the work place, and how to keep employees motivated to not want to work remotely.

"We learned all about Bradford first of all and how to work as a group," said junior Landon Vander Zwaag. "We learned how to work as a group, come up with new ideas, and sort through the best ones."

Bradford training and staffing coordinator Paula Thomas says it was an impressive to see how seriously the students took their presentations.

"We got to see what they came up with for their solutions, and the students did a super job, it's obvious they put a lot work into it," Thomas said. "I think back to my high school days and don't think I could have done this as a student, so I give them a lot of credit doing this, it's fabulous they're starting this at the high school level."