It's not a gym class, and Mr. Bill Mousel is not a physical education teacher. Instead, 'Smart Start' at Hamilton Middle School allows for all fifth and sixth grade students to get up and active in creative ways.

Math teacher Bill Mousel creates different games that get students up and moving during class, including a game called 'Battleship'.

"This game is structured like a video game and is really motivating. Anybody, no matter what kind of shape they're in, can do something to benefit their crew. The scooters deliver balls to their ship and onboard the ship, you're trying to knock down other team's pins and when you do, you advance to the next ship," Mousel explained.

Once your ship is sunk, you must complete a lap around the gym either running or walking before you re-enter the game.

"I try to come up with games so that everybody will want to move, I'm really thinking of the reluctant mover. I'm trying to convince them that it's worth moving and overcoming whatever pain their body is experiencing."

The reward for students is smiles, activity, laughs, and more with their friends every day during the school year.