Bentheim and Blue Star Elementary music teacher, Mrs. Becca Weller uses several creative ways to get her students to love music class.

On Wednesday, March 29, another one of those methods was on display as she introduced 'Basketball Beats' to her students. The beats use basketballs that were gifted by a Music to Benefit Music organization grant.

"I have heard students say that this is the best day ever and they're so surprised that basketballs are in the music room," Weller explained. "These were a gift from Music to Benefit Music, I had a wish list to make and one of the top priorities was basketballs for my students at both Blue Star and Bentheim."

From young fives with stuffed animal beats, all the way to fourth grade using basketballs, it's a full circle way of learning for her students.

"We've worked on keeping a steady beat," she said, "Today was just another example of how that happens."