For many of us, it's normal for memories from elementary school to randomly come flooding back at different points of life. For the current Sandyview Elementary first grade students, those memories will be much easier to remember in the future thanks to their new published book!

At the beginning of the school year, first grade teacher, Ms. Danielle Orr had her students work on their writing skills by crafting letters to their future self. Once all students had finished their writings and drawings to go along with their page, Ms. Orr sent them off to Studentreasures Publishing who published the book.

On December 19, Ms. Orr surprised her students with their own copies of their book and had them read their page aloud to their classmates and Mrs. Kim Glupker's fourth grade students.

"We decided to write letters to our future selves, I hope this is an opportunity for them to look back on and see how much they've grown," Orr said.

The writing prompts began, "Dear Future [name]," and included the profession they would like to have some day, if they would like pets, a family, and "I hope future [name] knows ___."

"I hope this all serves as a good reminder to them as they look back in the future," Orr added. "The students have been amazing during this, they were super resilient. This boosted their energy and confidence in their writing because they saw they could actually write and publish a book."