Hamilton High School Students of the Month for October 2023, as determined by a committee of HHS staff!

Faith Tubergen - 12th
Turner Van Wieren - 11th
Ashlyn Perry - 10th
Logan Flick - 9th

12th Grade Nominees: Jessica Greydanus, Alaina Banks and Israel Hernandez

12th Grade Winner: Faith Tubergen: "Faith exudes respect daily through the ways she upholds high levels of integrity in many regards, shows compassion to her classmates, and engages with peers and adults. As you talk with Faith, you can hear that she values respect by how she talks about others, makes decisions, and how she has built positive habits as a student. So thankful for the example she sets!"

11th Grade Nominees: Gabe Langeland, Bella Taminga, and Landon VanderZwaag 

11th Grade Winner: Turner Van Wieren: "Turner is always doing the right thing and using an excellent set of manners to do so. He checks in regularly to make sure he is on the right track, both with the choices he makes behaviorally and academically. In his interactions with his peers, you can see his respect for them by his kindness, care, and encouragement. He truly is an all-around leader in the classroom and a role model of respect that all to follow!"

10th Grade Nominees: Michael Klomparens and Annika Johnson

10th Grade Winner: Ashlyn Perry: "School is not very easy for Ashlyn, but she does a great job of asking questions when she doesn't understand something and works hard at studying. She is also always kind and friendly.  Her positive attitude helps her enjoy school even though the academic part is very daunting to her."

9th Grade Nominees: Luis Chavira, Travis Haverdink, and Miah VanOs

9th Grade Winner: Logan Flick "Logan is a quiet, unassuming kid in my class most of the time, but he's an unsung hero in the sense of being respectful--respect for others and respect for his work/progress as a diligent student."

Congratulations to all of these nominees! Keep up the great work!