All Hamilton High School freshmen and sophomore students are experiencing 'Prep4Success' day on Wednesday and Thursday morning this week. The day focuses on employability skills for all students and how to get a job, keep a job, and be the best employee possible.

"Students worked on things like job interviews, applications, and active listening skills but they also learned how to have tough conversations with bosses and teamwork," added HCS Work Based Learning coordinator, Ashley Meyer.

30-plus local business professionals helped make the day possible, including Hamilton parent and Haworth employee Carolyn Reuschel.

"I was so excited to be a part of the Prep4Success Day at Hamilton today because I think it's so awesome what Ashley and Hamilton Community Schools are doing to prepare students for the real world after high school and how it's different for everybody," Reuschel said.

The students were split into 30 groups, each with at least one business professional to help guide them through the day, but also place their own specific advice and mentorship onto the students.

"My message is to be prepared for your interview and your application and take the time to practice for those moments," added Jessica Wallace-Uckele from Zeigler Auto Group. "We want the students to put their best foot forward."

While some students have had jobs, or currently have them, the day also added to their skills about communicating with their bosses and supervisors and being a leader in the workplace.

"My group had two professionals working with us today," explained sophomore Emery Andrews, "One was an interviewer and one was in the military, and it was really interesting to hear from them about their jobs and what goes into them."