Jen Yoder has been a school nurse for ten years now, but is in year number one at her alma mater. Yoder serves as the district nurse for Hamilton Community Schools, assisting with any sort of cronic illness, daily illness, major medical incidences, safety trainings, and everything in between.

"I travel to all of the buildings and ensure that the staff members are trained to handle everything like medications," Yoder added. "While I'm here at the high school, I do some hands-on care for our students with seizures, medications on a daily basis, and those 'I don't feel goods.'"

As a former valedictorian at Hamilton High School and with children in the district, it means a lot to Yoder to be back at HCS.

"It has been fun to come back," she said, "It's kind of a homecoming to come back to where I started as a student and where my son goes and daughter graduated last year."

Thank you for all that you do, Jen! Take a look at the video below to learn more!