Mrs. Nancy Tasma began her tenure with Hamilton Community Schools as a parent volunteer nearly two decades ago and was heavily involved in several different areas throughout the district.

When a reading interventionist job posting was listed at Bentheim Elementary, Mrs. Tasma jumped at the opportunity.

"Reading MTSS is a multi-tiered system of supports where we look at every student's data for reading," she explained. "We do two big assessments three times a year and when students are done taking those, sometimes we see holes in their learning so through these supports, we can focus in on what each student needs to focus on."

As a district, Hamilton Community Schools truly believes in its motto: Each Will Thrive. Staff members like Mrs. Tasma take this belief seriously.

"Hamilton is very progressive in what we do," Tasma added, "We look at every child and believe that no matter if you're the highest reading child or if you struggle, we look at how can we make you the best that you can possibly be."

After thirteen years of assisting students, Tasma says she still loves coming to work each and every day.

"I couldn't be happier with the teachers I work with, the parapros, the lunch ladies, the custodians," she smiled, "And Mr. Randall our new principal has brought a really positive atmosphere to the building. Knowing that kids see that I care for them is huge, that's the only reward I need."

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