Despite not attending Hamilton Community Schools as a student, Megan Reilly always wanted to end up teaching in the district.

Reilly's mother worked all over the Hamilton district over her 28 year tenure.

"Hamilton has always been in my heart," Reilly said, "I kind of grew up her, even without going to school here. It's just where I wanted to be, so it was an easy choice when I started interviewing."

The same values that her mother experienced as a staff member in the district are the same ones keeping Reilly so happy in Hamilton.

"Everyone comes together here, teachers, families in the community, the kids, it felt like home so I wanted to be here and it's still true, it's a big family here," she added.

Reilly has moved around over her 21 years in the district, from a kindergarten teacher, young fives teacher, and resource room. Despite having a few different roles, her goal has always remained the same.

"My daily goal that I tell my students is number one to keep them safe, number two is to show them love, and number three is to help them learn along the way," Reilly said.