Diane Breuker has been driving bus for 33 years for Hamilton Community Schools. The long-serving member of the Transportation department, Breuker got started when her children were in school.

"I love my job, I like my kids on my bus, we all get along great and they're almost like my own kids," laughed Breuker.

Breuker drives bus 17 in the district and now has the pleasure of driving some of her grandchildren to and from school.

"I'm on the second generation of kids in our district already. When I started, they were younger kids and now they've had kids and our community just keeps bringing their kids back to our school. We have a great school here," she added.

While she loves her fellow drivers and the employees around the district, Breuker says she would love to see more drivers apply in Hamilton.

"Our main goal is to get our kids to school safely, we're the first ones to see the kids in the morning to say good morning and we're the last ones they see at night," Breuker said. "Our school district is growing so we do need more drivers here to get more busses on the road. The busses are so easy and nice to drive."

As for retirement, she says she's not even considering it yet!

"I could retire but I don't want to retire because I love my job that much, so I'm going to keep on going."

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