Nancy Scholten says she considered becoming a bus driver for Hamilton Community Schools for a few years before finally applying.

"I went back-and-forth thinking I would like to drive bus and then thinking I couldn't do it but anyone can drive bus," Scholten said.

Since being hired in 2012, she has loved every day of it.

"The relationships that we build with kids keeps me coming back and it's just a great place to work," she added. "We have great coworkers and feel more like family, we all have each others backs but it's mainly because of the kids, it's just awesome."

Scholten is on route 39 which takes her around the Bentheim area.

"I'm on a first name basis with all of the kids and parents on my bus, everybody just gets along so great, it's just a great community to be a part of," smiled Scholten.

A big push for school districts across the State of Michigan is hiring bus drivers and Hamilton is no different. Hamilton Community Schools is in dire need of drivers, even on a substitute basis.

"It's a great job, especially for a parent if they have kids in school. Any vacations the kids have, we're off and snow days as well. We'd love to have more drivers because our busses are full which means longer ride times getting kids home, we would just love to have you, it's a great place to work."