For the past 22 years, Mr. Kevin DeRoos has been working as a social worker within Hamilton Community Schools. As DeRoos puts it, he has been thankful to be serving his students and the community.

"I've always seen my role as a social work as being a service oriented thing," he said.

DeRoos, who spent 19 years as the social worker at Hamilton Middle School before making the switch to Hamilton Elementary, is retiring in June.

"It'll be bittersweet, I've been coming here for forever it feels like, I have friends and colleagues that I'll miss. I will certainly miss the kids and getting their smiles and high fives but it will also be nice to slow down a bit," he added.

And he couldn't have been more thankful to work in Hamilton.

"This is a special place, I talk to other educators and tell them I work in Hamilton and they all say what a great district it is, and it is. It has been a pleasure and a real honor to work for Hamilton."