Hamilton Middle School Dean of Students Ken Lentz has been with Hamilton Community Schools for 17 years now but it has been his work ethic and attitude that keeps him moving up.

"Doors have continued to open for me in Hamilton, I have continued to stay motivated and work my way through different positions here and it has led to me being the Dean of Students here," Lentz said. "I couldn't imagine a better role for myself to be involved and build students up every day here."

Lentz is one that is consistently smiling and making an impact on the students he serves.

"All of us staff members here at the middle school try to smile and stay enthusiastic for our students as we continue to try to lead by example," he smiled. "Even when I have bad days or my day doesn't start as well as it should, I want to show the students that they can reset and have a new beginning and just show them that they can be happy. No matter what odds we're up against, each of us has a choice to be as happy as we can be."