For the past 13 years, Jamie Rockhold has been helping students achieve their goals and gain independence as a paraprofessional. For the past nine years, Rockhold has been at Hamilton Middle School assisting students with their general classes, breaks, individual learning plans, and everything in between.

"Every day is different, every day is rewarding, you never know what is going to happen every day but there will always be rewards," Rockhold smiled.

Rockhold started her career as a teacher before becoming a stay-at-home mom when her children were approaching middle school.

"Being a parapro is a perfect fit, I was able to have the same schedule as my girls, have breaks when they have breaks, schedule-wise it was a great fit for our family," she added.

As a paraprofessional at Hamilton Middle School, Rockhold says she gets a "front row seat" to some of the coolest happenings in the district every day.

"I feel really lucky to be doing what I'm doing, we have amazing students and they really help out our students. The peer relationships are really important and I love seeing them develop on a daily basis."