Hamilton High School chemistry teacher, Mrs. Lexi Berry admits that she didn't originally know where Hamilton, Michigan was. After growing up in Ohio and attending college in Indiana, her and her husband opted to move to West Michigan in 2018. That's when she came across a job opening at Hamilton High School.

"I had never heard of Hamilton, Michigan. I started searching for jobs and didn't realize how lucky I got when I found Hamilton," she smiled.

Now in her fifth year at HHS, Mrs. Berry says it's the kids and community that have made her feel right at home.

"I've stayed for the people, the kids are amazing, they put up with my silly jokes and are such good kids," she added. "I really just hope my kids know that we all care about them, and that I care about them. I want the kids to feel valued."

On the side, Mrs. Berry is involved in athletics and volunteers at various events around the district.

"It's such a family and the people I work with are unbelievably amazing. The kids have made me feel super welcome wanting me to come to their games and chaperone their dances. I just didn't realize what type of community I ended up in, I'm pretty lucky."