After graduating from Coopersville High School and returning to student teach at her alma mater, Becky Bierschbach was ready to take the next step in her career.

That's when the teacher she was shadowing mentioned Hamilton High School and a job opening there.

21 years later, Mrs. Bierschbach has impacted hundreds, if not thousands, of Hamilton students.

After graduating from Coopersville, Becky Bierschbach started her career right back where it began before landing a full-time job 30 miles south.

"I actually graduated from Coopersville High School and was student teaching there and the teacher I was teaching for had a brother-in-law that taught at Hamilton, there was an opening and she told me I should apply for it," Bierschbach said.

And the rest as history, as the story goes. 21 years later, Mrs. Bierschbach continues to leave an impact on her students.

"My goal is always to make really good connections and relationships with my students, I think that's the number one thing to having a happy classroom environment. Students don't want to hate the class they're in when they're in it, so we definitely do a lot of math in there but by the end of the year we always feel like a family and students feel very successful. I always love when students come in grumbly about math and leaving at the end of year saying this was their favorite class."