The town of Hamilton is much different from the Baltic Sea, islands, and nearly one-million people in Stockholm, Sweden. For Hamilton High School senior and foreign exchange student Hjalmar Rusck, being 4,181 miles away from home isn't easy, but he's enjoying it so far.

"I have been really happy with coming here so far, it has been so fun to meet new people and everyone is so nice to me," said Hjalmar. "It will be really bittersweet when I have to go home at the end of the year."

He and his host family have made a list of different trips they are going to take in the coming months to help give him a full grasp of the United States. Recently, Hjalmar experienced the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes.

"That was really cool and nothing I've ever seen before," he smiled.

It has been an exciting and very different experience for Rusck.

"I came over here as an exchange student because I've always loved to try new things and I thought it'd be nice to try a different culture," he said.