In the first week of school, it can be difficult for students to get reacclimated to the classroom. However, Blue Star Elementary made sure their students had fun and laughed while learning important school and life lessons.

On Friday, August 26, ventriloquist and retired principal Rich Kornoelje and his friend 'Scary Harry' joined the Blue Star Elementary respect assembly and addressed the students with jokes, songs, and stories.

The focus of the presentation was for students to be engaged while ultimately listening and learning about three core values: doing the right thing, The Golden Rule, and always doing your best.

"When I first began teaching, Mr. Kormoelje was my principal, and I learned a great deal from him," said first year Blue Star Elementary principal, Kari Huckaby. "What a fantastic thing it was to have him teach the students at Blue Star. It was a time filled with learning, smiles, and laughter."