Over the last ten years, Mrs. Holly Kroeze has done everything at Sandyview Elementary - quite literally. From filling in for the office staff, substitute teaching, helping paraprofessionals, and everything in-between, she has been a huge asset to the school and staff.

Now, a recent idea of hers has helped students engage in more reading, all while being out in the woods and enjoying recess.

The game is called 'Where in the Woods is Wilber' and it ties in the school's 'One School, One Book' reading of Charlotte's Web. Every day before recess, Mrs. Kroeze heads out to the woods and hides her three laminate cutouts of Wilber, Charlotte, and Templeton. It quickly became a favorite activity of the students.

"I would hide Wilber's photo every day in the woods and the kids would come and have a blast calling for Wilber, it was so cute to watch. Now that we're at the end of the month of October and end of our reading, I added Charlotte and Templeton. As a whole school, they're all team-working and working together to find these characters and enjoy the book," Mrs. Kroeze smiled.

It's a great idea that has all come full circle for the students of Sandyview. Well done, Mrs. Kroeze and thank you for all you do!