Blue Star Elementary had a very special visitor on Friday, February 2 for their all-school assembly! WOODTV 8 meteorologist and snow day prediction wizard, Blake Harms spoke to the students about flexibility, and what it means to remain positive when things don't always go right.

"There are things every single day in live television, and in life, that I have to adapt to and try to find the best pathway forward," Harms told the Blue Star students. "Typically, at work, I only have a few seconds to find that way forward. It's so important to be flexible."

Harms was greeted by staff in 'Blake's Believers' shirts showing their support for his famous snow day predictions while students all colored photos of cats (something that Blake loves) and wrote welcoming messages to him.

"Mother Nature doesn't call us up and tell us what she will do tomorrow," Harms added, "We have to be ready. We don't know if a tornado is going to happen, where it's going to happen, so we have to remain flexible and do our best to keep everyone safe."

Thank you so much to Blake for taking time out of his work day to visit our students and share an important message with them!