About Hamilton Elementary

Hamilton Elementary School is the most centrally located elementary in the Hamilton Community Schools district. We are proud to serve approximately 400 students in Young Fives through Fourth Grade, including being the only elementary school in the district to house an Early Childhood Special Education program, a classroom for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and a classroom for students with mild to moderate Cognitive Impairments. Our staff consists of over 40 highly qualified teachers and support personnel.

The staff at Hamilton Elementary is committed to working with each student as individuals, helping them to reach their fullest potential.  Our Mission Statement is:  At Hamilton Elementary School we believe all students can learn and they deserve a quality education.  We strive to educate by working together to build strong relationships; to create a safe, supportive environment; and to meet students were they are and challenge them to never stop learning.

In working to make this mission a reality, there are several points of pride that we believe are integral in helping our students to succeed - 

1 - Thousands of hours logged each year by our many volunteers who partner with us to help our students learn - Kid's Hope Mentors, Reading Supports, Classroom Volunteers, etc.

2 - An active PTO, whose main focus is to contribute to the family atmosphere by supporting fun family events such as our Hawkeye Hustle, mother-son and father-daughter events, Family Roller Skating night, family movie events, our annual Family Fun Night, and the "Last Blast" sendoff.

3 - Our "Be a Hawkeye" Program - which is our system for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS).  We ask our students to "Be Safe; Be Respectful; Be Responsible; and Be a Hawkeye!"  We work hard to teach what each of these things means, and then positively reinforce when we see students meeting or exceeding these expectations!

Our ultimate goal is to work with our learners in a way that allows our students to leave Hamilton Elementary just as excited for learning as they were when they started!  If you'd like to learn more or plan a visit, please contact our Principal, Mr. Kramer, for more information!