Hawkeye Preschool Tuition Fees


Tuition may be paid in 1 payment (yearly), 2 payments (semester) or 9 payments (monthly). Tuition is slightly discounted for yearly and semester payments. Tuition rates are listed below.

T/TH Morning session for 3-year-olds

$ 113 per month (9 payments)
$ 495 per semester (2 payments)
$ 945 per year (1 payment)

*Tuition assistance is available for qualifying families in our 3 year old session through Ready for School.

M/W/F Morning session for 4-year-olds

$ 169 per month (9 payments)
$ 743 per semester (2 payments)
$ 1,429 per year (1 payment)

M/T/W/Th Afternoon session for 4-year-olds

Our afternoon 4-year-old session participates in Michigan’s Great Start Readiness Program. This program supports qualifying preschools in Michigan and offers FREE school to qualifying families. The income eligibility includes moderate income levels. Please visit Help Me Grow to apply. 


If you have any questions - please contact the Administration Office at 269-751-5148 or email Mr. Randall at jrandall@hamiltonschools.us.