Tuition may be paid in 1 payment (yearly), 2 payments (semester)  or 9 payments (monthly). Tuition is slightly discounted for yearly and semester payments. Tuition rates are listed below.

T/TH Morning session for 3-year-olds

$ 106 per month (9 payments)
$ 467 per semester (2 payments)
$ 891 per year (1 payment)

*Tuition assistance is available for qualifying familes in our 3 year old session through Ready for School. 

M/W/F Morning session for 4-year-olds

$ 160 per month (9 payments)
$ 700 per semester (2 payments)
$ 1,347 per year (1 payment)

M/T/W/Th Afternoon session for 4-year-olds

Our afternoon 4-year-old session participates in Michigan’s Great Start Readiness Program. This program supports qualifying preschools in Michigan and offers FREE school to qualifying familes. The income eligibility includes moderate income levels.