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Senior Year Checklist

On 9/16, Seniors were all emailed the Senior Year - Fall Checklist.  Please check this out as it contains helpful information and next steps in preparing for life after graduation.  If you have any questions or would like support in this process, please email your counselor to set up a time to meet.









Hamilton High School

4911 136th Ave.
Hamilton, MI 49419
Phone: 269-751-5185
Holly Goodman (A - G)
Guidance Counselor
269-751-5185 x2100
Lauren Robinson (H - Q)
Guidance Counselor
269-751-5185 x2011
Dawn Safford (R - Z)
Guidance Counselor
269-751-5185 x2013
Tina Foidl
269-751-5185 x2010
Katie Sexton
Social Worker
269-751-5185 x2015