Dual Enrollment and CTE

Dual Enrollment, AP and CTE Classes - For more information, watch this video.

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment Courses are available to Hamilton Students.  Hamilton Schools will pay a portion or all of your college class depending on the cost of class and the college you chose.  Courses that are remedial, a hobby, craft, recreational, or a course that is in the areas of physical education, theology, divinity, or religious education, are not eligible for tuition support.  The district will pay a predetermined amount towards the college class and books.  If books are purchased, they need to be turned in at the end of the semester.  Follow the links below for more information.  To take advantage of the dual enrollment program, you must take a minimum of 1 class from Hamilton.  That class can be a class on campus, PBL class, or online class.

Please note:  

  • If your student fails or drops out of the dual enrollment class, the family is responsible for all  costs of the class. 
  • All dual enrollment classes must be semester length and meet during the count period for each semester.
  • Online college courses are acceptable as long as the college is located in the State of Michigan and the college participates in Dual Enrollment.
  • If the class is 4 or 5 credits, it will count as 2 classes on your student's schedule.


CTE Classes

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

There are many great CTE opportunities available as well.   Follow this link to learn more about CTE classes.   All part time students living in the Ottawa Area ISD enroll in CTE classes through Mary Baron at 616-796-1905.  Any student residing in the Hamilton district may use the bus to the Careerline Tech Center.   Part time students taking a CTE class may select one elective from Hamilton Virtual School.

To apply:

Full time students - Submit an application in January to Mary Wilkinson

Part time students - Complete online application and submit to Mary Baron.