Registration for the 21-22 school year 


  • April 23 - May 17: New full time and new part time (by invitation due to limited openings for part-time) register in Final Forms.
  • May 11 - June 11: Window for Schools of Choice.  New full time out of district must sign form in this window.
  • May 17 - June 17: All students select activities in Final Forms.

Full time Hamilton Flex students


  • For students residing outside of Hamilton's district, submit a schools of choice form within the window May 11 - June 11.  
  • Meet with the Principal to discuss online learning options and suitability.  Online learning requires a self motivated student and involved learning coach.  We want the best educational experience for our students and want to be sure the learning coaches and students understand the workload and the expectations before starting this program.  
  • After acceptance, Complete the online enrollment form at Final Forms.
  • Review carefully and sign the online learning agreement and other forms in Final Forms. 

Registration for new part time 21f Hamilton Flex school Students

Upon invitation, Log on to your Final forms account complete forms and uploads. Revist Final forms between May 17 and June 17 to select electives. 

Full time students at ANY BUILDING may sign up for HVS classes:

High School students, contact your counselor at, , or
Middle School students, contact Kris Henrickson 
Elementary students, contact your building principal. 


If your children are not immunized, you will need to contact your local Health Dept. for an immunization waiver upon entry to the program and again when they enter 7th grade.  

Medical Forms:

Update as needed in Final Forms.

Withdrawal Form:

Required upon exit of the program.