Frequently Asked Questions 


Is my learner required to attend on campus?
Yes.  Although most of the course work can be completed online, learners are recommended to be on campus for orientation, standardized testing (Grades 3-11), tutoring, and coaching.  If a learner falls more than 10% behind in their course work according to the pacing guide or requires remediation, an attendance plan will be established between HVS staff and the family.  

Does my learner need to take all classes online?
No.  This program is about flexible learning pathways.  Hamilton Virtual School learners may take classes at the public school, online, dual enrollment, or project based learning classes.  We will work with all learners to find a schedule best suited to their learning on campus, online, or a mix of both.

Can my learner work at their own pace?
Yes, as long as they don’t fall behind.  Students may complete a class early and move on to the next grade with the exception of Michigan Virtual Classes which conform to the school calendar.

What curriculum is used in the Hamilton Virtual School?
We offer K-5 classes from BookShark and 6-8 classes from Edmentum or BookShark. 9-12 Grade students use Edmentum classes.   Electives are available from multiple vendors in addition to the great Hamilton teacher created options in Canvas. 

Are Hamilton Virtual School learners eligible to play sports?
No.  We are unable to offer sports participation through the Virtual School.  However many athletic opportunities are available in the community through our project based learning classes. 

Will my homeschool credit count at the Virtual School?
High School credit can be given for homeschool classes upon successful completion of a final exam in the class.  Testing can occur over the summer.  

What if my child is behind in one or two subjects and ahead in another subject?
They will be given a personalized curriculum and remediation will be scheduled until the child is caught up.

Will my child receive a Hamilton Diploma?
Yes.  If all graduation requirements are met, students will receive a Hamilton Virtual diploma.  Students also have the opportunity to meet all Hamilton High School requirements and receive a Hamilton High School diploma.

What if my learner needs help with their classes?
The Virtual School computer lab has drop in hours with a mentor teacher available to help.  

What if I don’t have internet or a computer?
Learners may be dropped off at the computer lab to use the school’s WiFi and computers.  If need is established, a computer and mobile hot spot will be loaned to the student.

Can a student be denied enrollment?
Yes.   A district may deny enrollment if the pupil does not possess the prerequisite knowledge and skills to be successful in the online course or is not proficient in the subject area.  Suspended or Expelled students from other districts may be denied enrollment.  To check if your child is a good candidate for online learning, review the Strategies for Online Success orientation and the online learner readiness rubric.

What testing or special ed services will be available to Hamilton Virtual School learners?
All special ed services available to traditional public school learners are available at the Virtual School.

What if my student is struggling academically or behaviorally?

If you feel as if your student is struggling to achieve academic or behavioral success, please see the Parent Request for Academic and/or Behavioral Assistance Form by clicking here.