9th Grade Activities & Tasks

1. Log on to Naviance

  • Naviance is the website our school uses to house all career, college, and academic exploration activities and tasks. Please view the following videos to understand how to log on to Naviance and how to interact with this platform.

2. Locate the Activities and Tasks in My Planner within the Naviance portal.

3. Complete all assigned Activities and Tasks in My Planner in Naviance.

4. Start getting involved in extracurricular activities, volunteering opportunities, work activities, and other experiential learning opportunities that can help to showcase your work ethic and sense of civic responsibility. You can record all of these in Resume Builder in Naviance!

5. Contact the appropriate people/places for information:

  • Driver’s Ed - Brochures in HHS Main Office
  • Work Permits - Obtained in HHS Main Office
  • Homework /Class Help - Contact your teacher
  • Careerline Tech Center Options for 11th/12th grade

6. See your counselor if you have any questions related to academics or career/college pathways. Your specific counselor is based upon the first letter of your last name.