Senior Year - Fall Checklist  

Check this out for helpful information and next steps in preparing for life after graduation.  If you have any questions or would like support in this process, please email your counselor to set up a time to meet. 


Class Rank

Hamilton High School honors and values high academic achievement at its graduation ceremony.  At the end of the second term of their senior year, students will have their cumulative GPA and SAT scores calculated into an “Honors” list. Honor points will be determined by the following formula:  GPA X 400 (1,600 points max.) + SAT  (1,600 points max.) =3,200 potential honor points.  As in all other GPA calculations, there will be no rounding of GPA or points.  These students will be individually honored at the graduation ceremony and articles of their accomplishments will be submitted to the local media.  The students with the top two cumulative scores will be recognized as the Valedictorian and Salutatorian of the class.

Students will be ranked 3 times each school year:

After 3rd Tri grades and June SAT scores are in (9th - 11th grade only)
After 1st Tri grades and Dec SAT scores are in
After 2nd Tri grades and March SAT scores are in (12th grade final rank)