CounselingMr. DeRoos

My name is Kevin DeRoos and I am the Hamilton Middle School Social Worker and Counselor.  As a social worker I meet with students who have an individualized Education Plan that specifies a need for social work services.  This may involve teaching social skills, behavior modification, emotional expression, problem solving, and relaxation and stress reduction. 

As a counselor I meet with students that are coping with issues associated with relationships and stressful life events such as divorce, grief and loss.  I see students dealing with friendship issues, anxiety and depression, and making positive choices.  I not only meet with students on an individual basis I also do a small group format that address some of the issues that are listed above.   In my role as counselor I am only able to work with students whose parents have given me permission to do so. 

If you need assistance connecting with resources in our community regarding additional counseling or social services you can contact me at 269-751-4436 or email me at

Getting an appointment with the counselorMailbox

Students can get an appointment with Mr. DeRoos by placing a note in his mailbox in the counseling office and putting the flag up.  After recieving the note he will arrange to speak with you as soon as possible.  In order to meet with the school counselor on an ongoing basis parent permision must be recieved.  If, after the first meeting with Mr. DeRoos it is decided to continue meeting he will send a parent permision slip home.  

Hamilton Middle School Counseling & Student Services

counseling & SS

A number of support services are provided for students at Hamilton middle school in the counseling and student services office. Counseling services are available as needed to all students who have parent permission in individual and small group settings. Services for  special education students range from academic testing by our School psychologist, Social Work services, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy are all housed in the Student Services Office.  The Counseling and Student Services service providers are:

  • Kevin DeRoos MSW,LMSW,SSW - Counselor/School Social Worker
  • Holly Goodman M.A. - School Counseling - Counselor/School Social Worker
  • Margarita Gingerich M.A., Ed.S - School Psychologist
  • Krista Walters M.Ed., M.A., CCC-SLP - Speech/Language Pathologist
  • Rachel Goudie PT,DPT,MTC - Physical Therapist
  • Charity Brondyke OTR - Occupational Therapist