Thank you for your interest in STREAM School.  There are many resources available to the left of this page.  If you have a couple minutes, check out our STREAM introduction videos.  The links are below.  


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STREAM School's Philosophy

STREAM School believes that an inquiry based atmosphere using Project Based Learning allows us to meet the needs of all our students in preparing them for a successful future. In addition, projects need to connect to real world opportunities because our students want to connect their learning to the world in which they live. Teachers work alongside local professionals in developing project ideas that connect the content to the project. In order to facilitate this experience, it takes a community of people doing more together. The Outdoor Discovery Center provides the resources and support necessary to develop and manage the projects the STREAM School engages in. Teachers work alongside Conservation Education Specialist Larry Fegel in designing authentic, engaging, and educational experiences. In addition, students are given an opportunity to explore and think about how their passions and interests could play out in the future. Students consistently have opportunities to witness a variety of jobs and future possibilities!

At Hamilton Middle School we offer STREAM School in 6th - 8th Grade!

Our Hamilton STREAM Team is comprised of the following staff members:

6th Grade: Melissa Chambers/Steve Hickok and Kathy Newhouse/Jeremy Luhmann

7th Grade: David Koning and Ted Malefyt

8th Grade: David Koning and Bob Wandel

ODC Director:  Mr. Travis Williams

HCS Administration: Dave Tebo and Rick Frens

We are grateful to the Outdoor Discovery Center for their partnership with STREAM School.  In addition to their work with HMS, they have many other opportunities for kids in our community.  Please click on their link below to learn more about the ODC.

Outdoor Discovery Center